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  1. You know, I used to enjoy status updates, because they were quick and easy to check. But then this "upgrade" removed the ability to see comments on the main page, why? They're half the fun. But that wasn't enough. No, it had to introduce the ability to add images but not even show a thumbnail on the main page, so just about every fucking status update is a picture, or a video, and I have to go here to check. But even that wasn't enough, because BRAIN has to spam his STUPID FUCKING WEEB SHIT, AND EVERY FUCKING TIME I WANT TO CHECK THE STATUS FEED, BECAUSE MAYBE, MAYBE, FOR ONCE THERE'S A SOMEWHAT INTERESTING PICTURE, NO, IT'S JUST SOME GODDAMN ANIME BROAD IN GENERIC FUCKING POSES THAT I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT, YEAH GREAT FUCKING UPGRADE

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    2. <Witty Name>

      <Witty Name>

      it's also very bad from a design perspective; taking up space whilst communicating no information is something that only youtube comments should do

    3. Jaydor


      Please, there is nothing wrong with Brain spreading the gospel of glorious Suguri.

    4. <Witty Name>

      <Witty Name>

      how about, for every two or three posts about your sub-par waifus, I post gore