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  1. I only drink water and juice, really. I hate the taste of alcohol no matter how much you try to sweeten it, and I don't like the feel of carbonation going down my throat so soda its out of the question.
  2. John Elfson

    TF2 general

    That trailer is a gift from God.
  3. John Elfson

    TF2 general

    Guys, I think I have officially beaten TF2.
  4. John Elfson

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Guys, I found the new tier list.
  5. Well let's just say I deal with nuts and bolts all day. So I thought this year it would be rather fitting something more...mechanical-themed.
  6. Sir Isaac Alabastor Tavington IV at your service. Was rather fitting considering where I work. Had me some good fun, despite some wardrobe malfuctions. Note to self: no more fake mustaches. After work I visited family members throughout the neighborhood to showoff my costume. Then walked down to a particular restaurant to see what their Halloween special was. Then just walked back through all the different neighborhood to see who was lively. Overall a fun night. I think I'll reuse this costume for the local Dickensfest next Febuary. Happy Halloween everyone!
  7. John Elfson

    We Media Now: TF2 Edition

  9. It's back up. UPDATE: Nevermind. false alarm.
  10. Can confirm. The only videos I can watch are the ones already loaded on pinned tabs. And even then, I have a strong feeling if I hit refresh it will error.
  11. John Elfson

    TF2 general

  12. I mean it is Microsoft's latest OS, so I would imagine a lot of updates needed. I wouldn't doubt the same thing happened to Win 7 when it first came out.
  13. John Elfson

    TF2 general

    Oh no.
  14. John Elfson

    TF2 general

    "MEDALS FOR EVERYONE!!!" - Soldier